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P.O.Box 386, 4 - 6 Lucas Street, St.George's, Grenada, West Indies.






The highly experienced team of paralegals, some with over 20 years experience, provide the necessary and invaluable support to our practitioners.

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The practice of the firm is varied. While there is a preference for Property, Investment, Corporate and Tax matters, one nevertheless has to take other briefs.

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Putting the client first, we offer good, sound legal advice and representation in Grenada and throughout the Caribbean in conjunction with our correspondent law firms.

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Welcome to Henry, Henry & Bristol

The client always comes first

From its inception almost 60 years ago, the firm has evolved in its practice modernizing its structure through comprehensive library, online legal research and library, and experienced paralegals.

The original partners, Ferdinand M. Henry, Denis Henry Q.C. and Carol W.J. Bristol Q.C., have left a legacy which the present principal and staff are proud to carry on. The firm continues to serve clients throughout the Caribbean and is one of the leading firms in Grenada advising on a variety of areas, most importantly; investment, business startups, banking, corporate law, tax, insurance, and real-estate. The firm has a large intellectual property trademark practice which is carried on through its associated company HH&B Trade Mark Services Limited. 

The firm devotes a large amount of its time to pro bono work helping those unable to help themselves, and has been engaged in public debate on topics of national and regional importance. We continue to be part of our community.

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Founding Partners

  • Mr. Ferdinand M. Henry

    The founding partner, Mr. Ferdinand M. Henry, was called to the Bar in England just after World War 1.
    • Founding Partner
  • Sir Denis Henry Q.C

    The second partner of Henry, Henry & Bristol, Sir Denis Henry was called to the bar in 1939.
    • Founding Partner
  • Carol W. J. Bristol Q.C

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    • Founding Partner

Areas of Practice



    The Firm represents The West of England Ship Owners Insurance Services Limited. The Admiralty jurisdiction of the High Court of Grenada is contained in the Administration Act 1956 of England. The Admiralty procedure is regulated by the Civil Procedure Rules of the High Court which Rules are similar to those of England. The Shipping Act No. 47 of the 1994 regulates the registration of ships, transfers of shares, mortgages, and all matters related to merchant shipping.


    Aviation is regulated by the Civil Aviation Act of 1991 and the Civil Aviation (Air Navigation) Regulations 1997. The Directorate of Civil Aviation in Antigua is responsible for the regulation of aviation in Grenada. This Directorate is common to the nine countries of the OECS.


    The firm has extensive Banking Law practice and also works for other lending institutions such as Insurance Companies.

    The Banking Act No. 19 of 2005 regulates all Banking business in Grenada, save Off Shore Banking.



    There are no known bankruptcy proceedings in Grenada and therefore no known application of the Bankruptcy Act. Like the Bankruptcy Act of England of the 1800’s Bankruptcy refers to individuals and not Corporations.


    There is no Insolvency Act in Grenada. Corporate insolvency is governed by the Company’s Act 1994 which Act is common to the nine OECS Territories.

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  • Mr Bristol joined the firm of Henry, Henry & Bristol in 1990 and has practised since then in Grenada. Mr Bristol has worked extensively in
    • Attorney
    • Principal
  • Ms. Ria Marshall joined the team at Henry, Henry and Bristol in October of 2010. Practice Areas: She has a diversified practice, with special emphasis
    • Attorney
  • Ms. Kimber Guy-Renwick is the newest addition to the Henry, Henry & Bristol team, joining us in October of 2013. Practice Areas: Miss Guy-Renwick’s practice
    • Attorney

About us


The founding partner, Mr. Ferdinand M. Henry, was called to the Bar in England just after World War 1 and the second partner, Sir Denis Henry Q.C. was called to the Bar in 1939.

The firm of Henry, Henry & Bristol was formed in 1959 and the three partners were Mr. F. M. Henry, Sir Denis Henry Q.C. and Mr. Carol W. J. Bristol Q. C.

The current principal is Mr. James A.L Bristol.

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Address: P.O.Box 386, 4 - 6 Lucas Street, St.George's, Grenada, West Indies.

Phone: 1 473 440 2500   Fax:1-473-440-4128


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