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On the 29th May 2018, the Court of Appeal agreed with our junior associate, Mrs. Melissa Modeste-Singh on her assertion of the preliminary point that the High Court could in fact entertain challenges to the constitutionality of Section 21(4) of the Crown Proceedings Act (“CPA”) and the Civil Procedure Rules (“CPR”) Parts 50.2(3) and 59.7 when raised within existing proceedings.

The Respondent challenged this contention submitting that any constitutional challenges must to be raised via a separate application to the...

The firm’s principal, Mr. James Bristol, argued successfully in 3 important cases before the Court of Appeal.

In the first, The Trustees of the Public Workers Union (“PWU”) v A’M Track Construction & Michael Samuel (“the Contractor”), the Court of Appeal reaffirmed the principle that an increase in the material costs during the term of the contract (“the Contract”) between the parties will not frustrate the contract as the contract merely becomes more onerous.

On the facts of the case, the Court of Appeal...

Wednesday, July 17, 2019